3 Ways To Use Spray Paint To Class Up Your Life

If you are feeling like your life has become a little bit dull, don’t despair. All you need to class up your act and add some flair to your home is… a can of spray paint. Or, several cans in different colors and types, you get the deal. The best part is that you don’t have to be particularly crafty or waste hours of your life getting every coat of paint neatly on. Spray paint is the easiest and fastest way to completely renovate the appearance of everyday objects. Here are some ideas to try.


1. Turn cheap plastic things into gold

Alphabet fridge magnets are cute and fun, but they usually look cheap and too “plastic-y”. Fix that with a can of gold spray paint. Now you have a set of golden letters on your fridge to write cute messages to your roommates or family. Christmas lights can be a cute way to lighten up a corner of your house, but they are usually pine green, plastic and tacky. What to do? Spray paint them gold! Now your mantel will look like it came out of a fairy tale. Looking for planters that are both nice to look at and cheap? Buy plastic trash cans and spray paint them gold. Or any other metallic color you like. Basically, if it’s cheap plastic, you can improve it with gold paint.

2. Bring nature inside. And paint it gold

Looking for cheap and classy winter decorations? Try dead branches. Wait, I’m not done yet. Find a pair of nice looking dead branches, take out any leaves they might have and cut them to a size that fits in your favorite vase. Spray paint them gold and put them on display in your home. Easiest and cheapest winter decor ever. If you are a flower fan but don’t have enough money to buy fresh flowers every week, you’ll have to make do with baby’s breath. Those tiny white flowers look like the cheapest option, especially if they are not surrounding some more expensive flowers. That is, until you spray paint them gold or silver. Now they will look like they came from a magical forest of fairies.

3. Cheap looking golden things? Paint them black!

You know what to do when you have cheap looking plastic things (hint: paint them gold). But what about cheap looking golden things? The answer is obviously to paint them black or any other dark color. This works especially well for brass things. For example, the regular old doorknobs of your home can look infinitely better in an instant by spray-painting them black. Just make sure to seal them afterwards with a clear sealer to protect them from wear. A brass light fixture or ceiling fan looks cheap. If you spray paint it with a darker color, it can look like fancy oil rubbed bronze.

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