4 Ways Movies Get Love Wrong

Movies are not real, I don’t need to tell you that. But even when we all know that movies are not a reliable way to learn about life and love, we all fell victim to at least some of these myths. The problem is that they are so common that we stopped questioning them and accepted them as fact. Here are 4 ways movies get love wrong.


1. Men want to be bachelors forever

You know the drill, every movie or TV series has at least one “eternal bachelor” who is terrified of commitment and would rather spend the rest of his life having meaningless sex with strangers. Another version of this myth is all those storylines that revolve around the woman trying not to “scare off” her suitor with talks about the future of the relationship. The reality is that 88% of single men in the US want a steady relationship. In fact, 11% of single men want to live together before six months of dating, while only 4% of women do.

2. If you don’t find them physically attractive, you will never love them

Physical attraction is absolutely indispensable for romantic love, according to movies. If you don’t believe that, just look at every “geeky girl turned beautiful with a makeover” subplot in existence. Turns out that 54% of Americans report falling in love with someone they didn’t find physically attractive at first. A great conversation, shared interests or a killer personality were the triggers for romantic feelings. What’s more, 43% of singles in the US admit that they became attracted to someone they didn’t initially like, so first impressions are not everything.

3. If you even think about the future during a first date, you are creepy

In movie land, the only people who ever think about the long term during a first date are creepy men, clingy women or crazy people in general. In reality, approximately half of American singles think about the future during the first date. To be exact, 51% of men and 49% of women have imagined a future together before the second date. Maybe you shouldn’t propose to them over dessert, but don’t feel bad if your mind starts wondering about the possibilities.

4. Men are intimidated by smart and successful women

If we believe every romantic comedy to ever exist, the fierce, smart, career-driven woman that loves her job will be single forever. She doesn’t have time to meet men. And the men she does meet feel intimidated by her success. Turns out that 87% of single men in the US would be more than okay with dating a woman that makes more money than them and 44% think it’s important to date someone with a successful career. Brains are totally a turn on too, because 87% of men would date a woman who is considerably smarter or more educated than them.

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