4 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe When Running At Night

Running is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit. It’s healthy, it’s fun, it’s challenging and it can turn downright addictive. Unfortunately, if you like to run outside, there are a limited amount of hours in the day and as the days get shorter, you might find yourself running in the dark. Nothing wrong with running at night, of course. In fact, some people prefer it. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore the fact that running at night can be dangerous. Here are some ways to keep yourself safe.


1. Be very visible

If you are running at night you might notice that is dark outside. You may also notice that it’s harder to see when it’s dark. This means that it’s harder to be seen as well. It’s no biggie if another running bumps into you, but car traffic can be a real danger. Wear light and neon colors, like orange or yellow and wear shoes and jackets with reflective patches. A reflective vest might also be a great choice, so cars can see you from a great distance. You can also go out with a headlamp or another type of light, so you can be seen and also see the road ahead of you to avoid injury.

2. Leave the iPod at home

Yes, I know, running with music is fantastic, there’s no way you’ll stop doing that. Unfortunately, listening to music often means not being able to hear your surroundings. This can be very dangerous, especially in the dark where you can’t rely on your eyes as much. It’s important that you can hear other runners, cyclists, traffic, dogs and even people that might be approaching you. If you absolutely cannot give up your beats, turn the volume way down, and make an effort to be alert.

3. There’s safety in numbers

It’s unfortunate, but true: women are usually more vulnerable when alone at night. Keep yourself safe and find a friend to go running with you. If nobody in your circle likes to run, find a local fitness or running group in your area. As a bonus, you’ll meet awesome people that share your interests. It’s a win-win. If you are going to run alone, always tell someone your route and how long it will approximately take you. There are running safety apps that make it possible for your friends to know where you are in real time and include things like panic buttons that trigger a message to your contacts or a call to emergency services.

4. Vary your route and times

Another scary reality: potential attackers might monitor runners and lurk in especially dark or isolated areas of their routes. Don’t make yourself an easy target: frequently vary your routes and the time you go out running. Don’t post your route publicly on social media, if you want to brag about your times and distance, do so when you get home and don’t be overly specific with your route.

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