5 Simple Yet Lovely Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

boy-girl-date-forest-hearts-valentineRoses are red, violets are blue, get in bed, I want to make s’mores with you. What? Yeah, did not see that coming. Cupid’s favorite holiday is among us…Valentine’s Day! Thinking of something special to do that is outside of the chocolate box can be so difficult. Just ask Forrest Gump. You can go the easy way or the easy yet creatively sexy way.

Here are 5 simple yet lovely Valentine’s Day date ideas. I guarantee that whichever one you choose, you will not regret.

  • 50 Shades of Yummy – Get fifty of their favorite things to eat. Blindfold them and have them try to guess what it is. It is like a YouTube challenge, except you lose an article of clothing for every wrong answer. Just do not film it because there is a movie you might have to compete with.
  • Rose Petal Getaway – Take him/her to a secluded area of the park…sounds like a murder story…trust me you will not be murdering anyone on this date. You will be murdering something else if the date goes well. Have rose petals in the shape of a heart with a romantic basket of aphrodisiac type foods, strawberries, chocolate, wine…beware of Yogi.
  • Hot Air Balloon – This is such a romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day. Chatting and kissing high above the ground. Bring flowers, wine, non-alcoholic beverages (incase date does not drink), binoculars, camera, grapes, and cheese. You do not want to eat anything heavy. Plus if the date sucks then you can throw them out of the balloon. Oops, it was an accident. hot-air-balloon-ride-date
  • Pre-Dinner Sexy Runway Show – Each one of you goes out and buys five sexy outfits for the other to try. You both go in separate rooms and come out wearing a sexy outfit. No touching just looking. It is a tease. You do this five times. Then you go out or stay in for dinner. When you get back home…it is show time. You pick which outfit is your favorite on the other person and you each get dressed. Enjoy.
  • The Restaurant Hop Date – Pick four restaurants within walking distance. Pick one for drinks, hop to another one for appetizers, then to another one for the main course, and then to another one for desserts. When it comes to the dessert, ask for one and share it. Then hop on over to a movie theater. Your final hop will be to hop into each other’s arms at home for a lovely kiss.

There you have it. Five non-traditional Valentine’s Day date ideas. You have no excuse to take your loved one out on a special date. These are great to do on your own too. It is the day of love. So love yourself. You can even do these with close best-friends; just keep the romantic sexual things out of the date.

Try these tempting Valentine’s Day ideas. Restaurants are so last year and so plain. Leave that for the newbies. Spark up the fire and let your significant other melt your heart like the chocolate heart melting in your mouth. Remember that the color red rhymes with end the night in bed.


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