5 Tips To Get The Perfect Updo

When your hair just won’t cooperate, the mighty bun can save your day. It is also a great way to disguise the fact that you went a little bit too long without washing your hair. Admit it girl, we’ve all been there, done that. I’m not afraid to admit it… sometimes I’m gross. So if you have trouble keeping your hair up or you want to upgrade your everyday bun, or hide the many days you haven’t wash you hair, then these tips are exactly what you need.

1. Wrap your hair around the base – This is a great way to get a messy bun look that will hold up for the entire day. Tie your hair on the top of your head with an elastic, but “fold” the ponytail in half before tying it all the way through. You should have a bit of “leftover” hair sticking out from under the elastic. Open up the bun to get more volume and use the “leftover” hair to twist it around the base. Hold in place with a few bobby pins and use spray to finish up. This style works with both long hair and shoulder-length cuts.


2. Roll up your low bun – For a chic updo that will make you look instantly more sophisticated, try this extremely easy style. Pull your hair into a low ponytail, split the hair just above the elastic and tuck your ponytail in that space to create a “topsy tail”. Now, take the hair left out of the ponytail and tightly wrap it around your finger, rolling it up. Place the roll (without taking your finger out) on top of your topsy tail and secure with as many bobby pins as you need before (carefully) releasing your finger. Set with spray and admire your beautiful work.

3. Get a sophisticated top bun – This is one of those hairdos that look like it took ages when in reality is as quick and easy as a ponytail. Just tie your hair up with an elastic on a high ponytail. Split the hair right above the elastic and pull the tail end through. Pin it to secure and use your hands to shape the bun. Spray to set the style and go outside to receive all those compliments.

4. Tie it in a knot. – Split your hair in half and make two low ponytails without securing them. Now tie them in a knot at the base of your head. Use a few bobby pins to secure the strands and use a clip to accentuate the style. Set it with spray and you are good to go.

5. Make your bun stay up with no pins or elastic – If you are caught without any hair tools and with a need to keep your hair up, make a bun and secure it with your own hair. Simply pull your hair up as if you were going to put it into a ponytail. Now twist it and coil it around itself to make your chignon. Now, without letting the bun go, tug a silver of hair from the side of your hair and pull it over and around the bun. It may take a bit of practice, but if you manage to heep the bun tight while securing it, it will stay up.

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