6 Dates That Are Better Than Dinner And A Movie

Whether it’s your turn to organize “date night” with your long-term bae or you are just trying to impress that cool dude (or dudette) that caught your fancy, “dinner and a movie” is just too boring of a date idea. The perfect date should be fun and exciting, but also let you talk and enjoy each other’s company. If you are trying something new, then all the better.

1. Picnic and board games – The weather is warm and perfect to go outside, so enjoy it! One of you should be in charge of the drinks and the other has to bring the snacks. Go to a nearby park, beach, riverside, roof, balcony, garden or anywhere with a great view to enjoy your meal. Bring cards or a simple board game to take a bit of the pressure off. You don’t have to spend the entire day having profound conversation, the game is there to keep you entertained.

2. Go wine tasting – The trick is not to take it too seriously. Enjoy different kinds of wine, listen to the sommelier describe the unique taste of each one and laugh with each other about the distinct lack of smoky pearl texture in your glass. If you are not wine people, you can do the same with beer or champagne.

3. Go for a coffee walk – Instead of meeting for coffee and staying at your table, grab a couple of to-go cups and walk around the neighborhood. Walking is fun and relaxing and it’s always nice to people watch. Besides, when you are walking side by side, conversation can flow more easily than sitting in front of each other.


4. Go to a bar with games – Video games, billiards, darts, board games or any other kind of game is fine. You get to enjoy a drink or two to take the edge off and laugh as you try not to come off as too competitive. Conversation tends to flow more easily when you are both having fun, and you’ll be more comfortable around each other.

5. Visit a psychic – As with the wine tasting, the best way to enjoy this is by not taking it very seriously. No matter how much you believe in the supernatural or not, you will definitely have plenty to talk about after your consultation with the spirits and you are guaranteed to get a good story out of this one. Just steer clear of the “love life” topic.

6. Walk your dogs – If you or your date have a dog (bonus points if both of you do), go for a walk! Explore the neighborhood, get some exercise and play with your adorable furry friend. Dogs are the best wingmen. You can top off your stroll with a cup of coffee outside in a cool coffeshop with outdoor seating.

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