6 Hacks to Dominate Frizzy Hair Forever

Frizzy hair is a very special, particular kind of hair type. That’s why you need to be careful if you want it to make your face light up, instead of unintentionally leaving home looking like you just stuck your fingers on a power outlet.

Avoid using your hands
Yes, the temptation is great. We know. But your hair will turn into an Afro mess if you get too touchy. Once your treatment products have been applied, resort to anything you know can untangle it, except your hands.

Forget the flattener
You don’t always have to go straight, at least when it comes to hair! You could surprise everyone with a brand new look by curling it and letting it air dry. If you do decide to curly it up, get a spray that will protect your strands while at the same it’ll moisturize it and give it a more natural look. It’s a win-win situation.


Stock up anti-frizz products
So you have a lot of hair, and the humidity stores a bad hair day for sure. If your budget can afford it, get informed about the particulars surrounding your hair, and be aggressive! Talk to a hair specialist and find out what the best brands for your hair type are and forget about frizz for good. Do as much research as you need before making any purchases. You might even find that there are a lot of products that can be easily recreated with natural elements, or things you already have in your house. Keep in mind that most products have chemicals that are already hazardous for your hair. So going eco-friendly, in this case, might not only save your pocket, it could save your overall health.

Stay away from alcohol-based products
As you hit your local pharmacy or beauty center to re-stock, make sure that your hair products do not contain alcohol in them. Alcohol does not get along with hair. It actually helps your hair get frizzier, if that’s even possible! Trust us on this one and take the necessary time to read that list of ingredients everyone is too lazy to go through and avoid alcohol like the frizzy-hair plague.

Avoid washing your hair daily
Frizz also comes as a result of hair being constantly tampered with by your hands and too many products. Did you know the natural oils your hair naturally has are great to prevent frizz? Let them do their thing! Wash your hair every other day, even though it may be annoying, it’s the healthiest choice to fight unruly hair.

No towel-drying
Last but not least, once you’re ready to blow dry your hair, suck out all the moist with a super absorbent micro fiber towel. Ditch the towel you use to dry your body. It will only make your hair harder and more complicated to handle later on.

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