6 Must Have Beauty Apps For Your Phone



By now you must have conformed to the cellphone app world. There is an app for almost everything. Can you believe that there are beauty apps that give you discounts, the best salons, makeup help, and more by just the click of a button? Well there are. If you have a cellphone handy, with touch screen technology, then download these must-have apps to help you daily with your beauty needs. A lot of them are only available for iPhone or android service phones.

App 1: Think Dirty – Nothing dirty about this app. This is a great app for those of us who need to know what is actually going on our face, hair, and body. It scales all the ingredients from 1 to 10 on how bad/dirty the product is. All you need to do is scan the barcode on the product and you are good to go. Plus it gives you healthier options to choose from.

App 2: BeautyBooked – Basically you type in your city and it will tell you the prices, locations, available stylists, and reviews. You can book your hair appointment or spa treatment through the app too. There is no need to speak to someone. A perfect app in my eyes if you ask me. (Free for the iPhone.)

App 3: FaceTune – Now this one cost money ($2.99) but it is a lot cheaper than the plastic surgery you really need to pull of the look in these pictures. You just take a picture and swipe away imperfections. Post them on any social media site and your followers will think you had your makeup professionally done, or an amazing facial. ($2.99 for the iPhone, and android.)

App 4: Stash – A personal beauty product inventory…now that is what I am talking about. It keeps track of all of your makeup, hair, and body products. It even tells you when you have to refill your products, and which store has them for a great deal. (Free for the iPhone.)

App 5: Makeup Genius – this app is made by L’Oreal Paris. The great this about this one is that you can try out a makeup look in real time. All you do is use the front facing camera and it will apply the makeup flawlessly to your face. It is a great way to preview your look before you go out to have fun. (Free for the iPhone.)

App 6: OPI Nail Lacquer – Get your nails done before you actually spend money on the wrong color and regret it. Choose from many different OPI nail polish colors that will work well with your skin tone. (Free for the iPhone.)



Hopefully your beauty world will go a lot easier with the help of these six apps. Take your cellphone out and download these wonderful and useful apps to your phone. If you do not have an iPhone or android phone then get with the program. You can also do what I do…use my friend’s cellphone. They will not mind especially if your share all the wonderful info, and discounts with them. Get to clicking, learning, and saving your beauty life.

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