7 Family Holiday Activities That Your Kids Will Never Forget

family-holiday-santa-baking-cookiesThe holidays are a time of giving and sharing wonderful moments. At my house, in all honesty, the most important part of Christmas is that no one messed up the Secret Santa gift exchange. Does your family have any holiday traditions or activities? We have a lot and every year we seem to come up with a lot more. Now that the kids are out of school and that other loved ones from around the world are visiting, take advantage of this time and create new memories.

Try some of these wonderful holiday activities. Pssst…do no forget to take pictures.

  • Bake Off: Have every make their favorite cookie. Then have a special table for the baked good. Put little cups in front of each cookie to put a button in for favorite one.
  • Ornament Family Tree: Get a glass vase, two or three branches from outside and some decorating sand. Put the branches in the vase and fill the vase with the sand to hold them in place. You will need a picture of everyone that is there. Get some construction paper and have everyone make different shapes for each of their picture to be glued on. Add a string and have them hang it on the branch.
  • Old vs. Young: Split the family into two groups. One group will be for the old and the other group will be for the young. You can now play capture the flag, touch football, hide and seek, or many other outdoor games. Go to a park for this.
  • Vintage Board game Night: Go find your grandparent’s old board games. Make some hot cocoa, and get to playing. Try to monopolize all of the games. Take the risk. You have no clue on how sorry you will be.
  • Sharing is Caring: Volunteer as a family. Share your holiday cheer with the less fortunate. Go to a food drive and donate some of your time to the needy. It will teach your family about sharing, caring, and in the process help build their character. There are many options to choose from too. Make the world a better place this holiday season.
  • Snowball Fight: Of course this will only work in an area with snow. Gather everyone around and explain the rules. Rule 1: Do not get hit. Rule 2: Winner gets to open one gift before Christmas.


  • Back To The Past: Have everyone bring something to put in a time capsule. 10 years later you open it up and reminisce about the stuff put in it. This will be great to open at a family reunion.

Enjoy making new memories with your family this holiday season. As you read above, a lot of the activities are very inexpensive. The only thing some of these will cost you is…time with your lovely family. Try some of them out and make some new activities. Keep the traditions going; plus eat a cookie and keep a look out for Santa.

Happy holidays for your family.

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