7 Makeup Tips Your Face Should Know About

makeup-beauty-tips-lips-face-cheeks-beautifulEver wonder how other girls get their makeup to look so damn good? I know I have. I can only wonder if they are doing something different than me. Are there tricks out there that no one has told me about? Come on makeup gurus on YouTube! Keep up with the program! I know I should not be mad at them, but at me for not doing some research on makeup tips.



Well know I do not have to go mad anymore. I have found some makeup tips your sad face should know about.

This is not a tip, but you need to smile more.

Here they are now:

  1. No Smudging Please: To help stop your makeup from smudging, stop crying first. If you are not crying then before you apply your makeup, use some tissue to remove excess liquids like sweat or oils. Now apply a thin layer of cream concealer. It will hold all of your makeup in place.
  2. No Forking Here: Use a plastic spoon over and over again when you are applying mascara to the bottom lashes. Just flip the spoon so the back is facing out. That way no residue will get on your cheek makeup.
  3. Puff Puff Bye Bye: Have puffy eyes? Highlight in the crease of your under eye area and then use a darker shade on the actual puffy area. It will conceal it more and make it seem like it never was puffy.
  4. Dry Mascara: All you need is some Visine or any other eye drop formula. Drop a drop into the tube and mix the wand around. Like magic, your mascara is not dry anymore.
  5. Sugar Lips: Make a small mixture of sugar and coconut oil. Put it on your lips. Now use a soft toothbrush and exfoliate them. You will have smooth lips in no time. Plus they will be sweet.beautiful-model-face-lips
  1. White Is Bright: Love that neon green eye-shadow but it literally looks like shit because it is not vibrant enough? Make it pop by adding a layer of white eye-shadow first then the color on top. You will see a huge difference.
  2. Fuller Lips: No major fix. All you need to do is add a thick layer of lipstick. Dab your lips with tissue paper. Add translucent powder and remove the tissue. Now apply lip-gloss. Smack! Big lips in no time.

These tips are now in your makeup log. You have one right? If you do not then you need to get one now. Apply these tips to your face every day and you will surely get smiles along the way. Applying makeup and taking care of your skin does not have to be hard. What is hard…not buying all the makeup in the world.

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