7 Summer Essentials For Your Beach Bag

It doesn’t matter if you are staying a full month or just going for a “daycation”, a trip to the beach is always good fun. If you want to make it better, make sure to include this 7 summer essentials when making your beach bag.


1. Sunscreen – Yes, this is an obvious one, but still easy to forget, so it should be the first thing inside your bag. If you have some leftover from last year, take a look at the expiration date, old sunscreen loses effectiveness with time. Use it even if it’s an overcast day and always remember to reapply. Keep that skin young and healthy.

2. Lip balm – You know what you’ll find at the beach? Wind. And salt. And salty wind. Your lips will probably feel dry unless you keep them moisturized. Besides, they are made of very delicate skin, so you need to protect them against the sun rays too. Pick a lip balm with a high SPF and a light tint that compliments your bikini for the perfectly healthy summer look.

3. Snacks and water – Spending all day playing in the sun and swimming in the waves will definitely make you hungry. Keep some granola bars in your purse so you don’t have to buy overpriced snacks. Bring plenty of water too, all that sunbathing will make you thirsty.

4. Waterproof speakers – What’s some fun in the sun without some catchy tunes? Get a cute water-resistant iPhone speaker to protect your phone from the sand and water while listening to your kickass summer playlist. Just make sure you are not bothering those next to you, the beach should be a place to make friends, not enemies.

5. Huge beach towel – Of course you thought about bringing a towel. But not any towel will do. You need a massively huge beach towel so you can comfortably lay down with a good book or enjoy your snacks without dealing with the sand getting everywhere. As a bonus, if one of your friends forgets their towel, you’ll earn brownie friendship points by letting them share.

6. Massive sunglasses – Protect your beautiful eyes from the sun, the wind and the harmful UV rays with good quality sunglasses that offer UV protection. The bigger the better, because they will shield your eyes and the area around them. Besides, you will look like a chic movie star in the process, so it’s a win-win.

7. Beach hair spray – Your skin is not the only thing that needs protection from the sun. Your hair will get damaged too, if exposed to harsh UV radiation. Keep your hair from drying out by using a sun-blocking hair spray. You can also use a hat, but the hair spray will let you style your hair into the perfect beachy waves. And what better place to rock those than the beach?

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