8 How To Ways On Avoiding Flat Iron Problems

girl-hair-flat-iron-hairstyleYou wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror. Two things might happen. One, you might scream from the nest that has formed over night or two, you might just run your fingers through your slick straight hair and say, “Damn! I am beautiful.” If you are like me then your scenario is option one. To fix your bird nest problem you will need a flat iron. You may be afraid of using one because of the time you burnt your scalp when you got to close or worse…loss your hair because it burnt off.

Here are some helpful tips on avoiding flat iron problems.

  1. Condition The Burn: Start in the shower first. Shampoo and condition your hair first. When you use a conditioner, comb it through and then rinse it off.
  2. Pat Your Hair Honey: Do not towel dry your hair. It will make it frizzier and more brittle. Plus when you use a flat iron on wet hair you get a nasty burn smell. You know what is burning? Your hair! Pat it dry.
  3. Say No To Bad Blow Jobs: Stop using a blow dryer in the wrong direction. Just like an actual blow job, you have to face the nozzle down. It will cause less frizz. I recommend using a bristle brush because it causes less friction. Try not to blow dry your hair on high heat since you will be using the flat iron. Blow out your hair without any product for a smooth finish.
  4. Something Is Cooking: If you are not cooking something and you hear sizzling and see steam then it is your hair. Stop flat ironing immediately. Like I said, your hair has to be dry like a dessert if you are going to flat iron it. Any product you use is basically cooking itself into your hair. Hair steak, anyone?
  5. Still Serving Burnt Hair: If you are afraid of your hair burning or sizzling then you can use thermal protectants, that come in oil form or spray form. Use an argan oil if your hair is thick.
  6. Stuck In The Iron Age: Invest in buying a great flat iron. Your hair is most likely getting all fried up because you are using your grandmother’s flat iron.
  7. Sectioning It Wrong: By not sectioning your hair right, you will inevitably mess up your hair when flat ironing it. Also do not go over the same section twice. It is not nice for the hair.
  8. Not Waiting: Be patient to apply finish product into your hair. Let it cool off a bit. We all know how icing looks on a warm cake. Apply oils to the hairs closest to the scalp; they need the most moisture after a flat iron process.

I do surely hope you take these tips to heart. The last thing you want is thinking you are fixing a nappy, frizzy mess and then end up with nothing at all. No bald head Britney looks in 2015.

Be careful and always be thoughtful of where you place your hot tool while you are flat ironing your hair. Now that you are not afraid of using a flat iron, make every day beautiful. If you still are afraid then go to the nearest salon.

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