At Home Pedicure Tips To Beautify You From Head To Toe

spa-pedicure-at-home-tipsGiving yourself a home pedicure has two great advantages. Not only can you turn rough, ugly feet into something that will turn anyone into a foot fetishist, but it is an amazing way to pamper yourself too.

You do not need to waste hundreds of dollars on a professional pedicure. You just need to have the right supplies to get the job done. Buy some nail clippers, a nail file, a cuticle stick, a nail buffer, a pumice stone, a clear top and base coat, and a polish color for your nails for after you’re done.

Before you start the whole process it is important to remove all of your old nail polish. Use a paint remover if needed. Try acetone. I know! It is harsh and it stings but it works! You will find that it can be quite a headache to paint your nails afterward if there is still old nail polish present.

Now that your old nail polish is gone it is time to soak your feet in a tub full of hot water. Add bath Epsom salts or oils if you would like. But don’t overdo it. The hot water will soften calluses, cuticles and get rid of dirt that is embedded between the toes and ridges. So soak your feet for 10 minutes but anything beyond that will actually dry out your skin.

After you have removed your feet from the water, you can cut your toenails but leave a bit of white. Do not make the cuts round or you will end up with ingrown toe nails; keep them square. Then use your nail filer to smooth the edges of the nails and give them the shape you prefer. If you would like, you can smooth the top of your nails by using a buffing pad to file away the ridges.

beautiful-feet-tricks-howNow that your nails are set, use the cuticle stick to push the cuticle around the nails. Then with cuticle trimmers you can cut out the excess cuticle skin. After you are done, add some oil around the cuticle area to relieve some of the irritation that may appear.

So you are done with your nails. Now it is time to pamper the rest of your feet. Grab a pumice stone and start by scrubbing those calluses and dry patches of skin on the sides and bottom of your feet. Rub as much as you want. It is the only way to get rid all the dead skin cells. Then remove all the dust and debris with a brush. Make sure to brush well between your toes. Then rinse your feet off with some water. After you have dried your feet, add some lotion on them so that they look smooth.

So now all that is left is to make your nails look presentable to the world. Add a clear nail polish to coat your toenails. Then pick whatever color you would like and paint your toenails. Once you are done, you can use the cuticle stick to get rid of any color that might have accidentally gotten on the skin around your nails. Finally, add a clear coat that will preserve your nail color and keep it from chipping away for a while.

Once the paint is dry, you will be ready to put on the cutest pair of strappy or opened toe shoes you own and show the world what cute feet you have.

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