DIY Tricks To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

We all have old clothes stuffed in the back of our wardrobe that we would definitely not wear any more, but that we can’t bring ourselves to toss away. Now it’s time to put them to good use. Instead of running and buying all new clothes, look at your old items and give them new life with these simple DIY tricks.

Foil your leather bag and belt

If you have an old leather bag or belt that looks worn down or boring, you can revitalize them using metallic foil. Grab your favorite gold, silver or bronze foil sheets that would match the color of the leather and get crafty. Clean the bag or belt well and wipe them down with acetone (nail polish remover). Then, spray with adhesive and apply the foil sheets in a few strategic places, using a damp brush in a dabbing motion, to get an interesting texture. Let it dry overnight and brush off excess product with a soft brush. There you go, a new chic leather accessory with metallic details that is sure to wow your friends.


Jazz up an old sweater or cardigan with elbow patches

If your wardrobe happens to include an old cardigan or sweater that looks just a bit boring or has worn-down elbows, maybe it’s time to apply some patches. Shiny patches. If you can get elbow patches made out of sequin fabric or metallic pleather, all you have to do is fit them over the elbows and then sew them in place. If you can’t find patches in this fabric, it is very easy to simply cut your own with some fabric scissors. This will take you no more than an hour and your old sweater will shine with new life.

Turn an old shirt into a new drape vest

If you have one of those extra large men’s shirt that all girls seem to keep in their wardrobe for some mysterious reason, you can upgrade it from “pajama” to “chic vest”. Get some fabric scissors and cut off the sleeves so that the sides look like a straight line. Then, cut two or three inches around the neck, in order to achieve a lower neckline. Finally, cut right on the seams at the side of the shirt, up to (but not including) the shoulders. The end result should look like a very long rectangle with a hole in the middle when straightened on a table. And that’s all. To wear it, slip both of your arms through the hole and bring the fabric to the front.

Cover stains with stamps

Did your favorite skirt or shirt get a little stain that just won’t go away? Don’t throw it out, revitalize it with stamps. Find fabric paint in a color that you like and a geometric fabric stamp. Now simply cover up the stain with an abstract design to end up with a modern print on your old clothes.

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