Finding The Perfect Restaurant for your Perfect First Date


So it is your first date in years and you do nott want it to be your last. Do not go for the dinner and a movie option. It is cliché and suggests that you do not have any imagination. Besides, that is more typical of a high school first date and you are a grown up so start acting like one in the right way. For starters, ask the person you are going on a date with what they like and what they do not like. There is nothing worse than taking someone who is vegetarian to a steak restaurant or someone who hates seafood to a Sushi Bar.

Below is a list of types of restaurants that you can choose to go on for your first date.

Japanese is always a great choice. Not only do you get to eat some great tasting food but you also get the entertainment value of watching the chefs chop and cook right in front you. This will give you something to talk about in case you run into that awkward moment in the date where you have nothing to talk about. Now you can comment on how the chef is cooking your meal. Or be the one that catches the flying shrimp and impress your date.

You may have noticed that I am okay with a Japanese restaurant for a first date but not necessarily okay with Sushi. That is because the concept of eating raw fish is not something that appeals to everyone. The last thing you want to do is gross her7him out. This will ultimately lead to your date ending at the front porch instead of the bedroom.

If you decide to go for Chinese, do not try to impress her by using chopsticks. Mastering those suckers takes time. You are likely to make a fool out of yourself and make a mess before you stick that sweet and sour piece of chicken into your mouth. On the plus side, Chinese food offers a wide array of choices from spicy to seafood, to beef to chicken to veggies. Plus there is the Chinese tea that some restaurants offer before the meal is served. There is nothing that a date likes more than someone that will be chivalrous and pour her a cup of tea. Do not forget about the fortune cookies.

A steakhouse is another excellent spot to take your honey on a first date. You can have them grill just about anything from beef to chicken to seafood. You can never go wrong with a good steakhouse restaurant unless of course she is vegan or vegetarian.

If you are looking to create a romantic mood on your first date then you’ll find that there is nothing more romantic than an Italian Restaurant. There are a variety of pasta dishes that you and your date can sample. Some of them might contain cheese so make sure she is not lactose intolerant. Oh and another thing you need to watch out for is garlic! You are going on a first date; not hunting down vampires. Go easy on the garlic bread or any dish that might have garlic. There is nothing that turns a girl off more than a date with garlic breath, especially at the moment of that goodnight kiss.

If you are not sure what place would be best, then go for the safer option; pick an All American restaurant. Contrary to its name, these types of restaurants can offer just about anything from pasta to salads to fajitas and burgers, to nacho platters. It is basically all the food that you would come to expect at a diner. The downside is that the food is not too exotic but at least it is affordable. If your date is more focused on going to a restaurant that is more expensive then you will know right away the type of person she is. Kidding. But some people might see this as a red flag.

There is always a risk at picking a restaurant to go on for your first date so it is always best to agree on a place before actually going. I am not talking about agreeing on the spot while in the car. I’m talking about discussing it a day or two in advance. That way you can be sure that you are both comfortable and can concentrate on having a good time; which may ultimately lead to more dates and perhaps a future down the line.

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