Fun & Trendy Decorating Ideas With Kids


Finding something fun to do with your kids can be tough at times. It could also be trendy, fashionable and hipster. Have you ever tried decorating their room together? I know, decorating your child’s room can be so costly. Sometimes they find ideas from magazines or from what they see in celebrity rooms on television.

Children do not know that a lot of those simple, cool ideas can be made at home with cheaper materials. If you do not know what to make for them then here are some ideas to decorate their room with style. Get those crafting supplies and get all those creative juices flowing. It is going to be a fun craft day.

1. Custom Name out of Cardboard

A lot of children want their name spelled out on a wall to give their room a cool identity.  If you have them custom-made from a well-known store you will spend close to $100 dollars. With some cardboard, have the kids trace out the letters to their name. Let them get as creative as they want to be. Cut them out for them; safety first. Now comes the fun part. Put clear drying glue all over the cut-out letter; one letter at a time. Let them decorate it with buttons, glitter, clippings of their favorite celebrities; paint them with their favorite color, etc. The ideas are endless. Once done, hang them on the wall to personalize their room. Cost you little money, but spending time with your children…priceless. Click here to see a video of another way of doing said craft.


2. Customizing Pillows

Yes it is easier to buy a nice mustache pillow, heart pillow, big lips pillow already made, but not everyone has $200 dollars to spare or in this case, sleep on. Pinterest is a nice social media site that gives teenagers cool do-it-yourself decorative ideas. You might have been tagged in a picture of a lemon pillow with a smiley face, “MOM I WANT THIS!” Your response back can be, “Let us go make it.” All you need is a sewing machine, patience when teaching them how to sew, a nice unique fabric, pattern of choice (a lot can be downloaded for free) and stuffing. For $50 dollars you can make up to ten pillows. Click here for great ideas.

3. Collage Headboard

Growing up, I always wanted a headboard for my bed. They were always too expensive. Local deco stares have them for $ 500-800 dollars. To make one for less than 10 dollars all you need is an old headboard (find it at a thrift store or better yet, an old hand me down bed), some paint, and a chisel. By using the chisel, you can give it that old antique look, which makes it look expensive.  You also give the children a chance to get familiar with tools. They can even personalize it.

4. Colorful Wall Art

These two options of wall art will cost you less than $20 dollars. The cool secret about it is that it will look like you had a professional do it. Look 1: All you need to do is line the ceiling border with crayons. Make sure the colors vary or do whatever color scheme the child decides. Use wall paper glue to adhere theme on to the wall. Once you are done, slowly heat them up with a blow dryer.

The crayons will melt down the walls giving you a nice art deco look to the room. Look 2: Collect a lot of magazine clippings of the things they like and cover a wall. Make sure the whole wall is covered. Once they are all up on the wall, put a light coat of wall paper glue and let it dry. Cut out the letter of their name in the center of the wall so it gives it a stencil look.

So with less than $50 dollars you were able to decorate your children’s room with high quality ideas. The best part about the whole thing was that were able to do fun craft with your kids.

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