Holiday Gifting Beauty Ideas on a Budget



With the holidays around the corner…30 DAYS AWAY…you want to start shopping for gifts. The only problem is that you are on a budget. The other thing is that mostly everyone you have to get a gift for is hooked on beauty items. The beauty item list goes from body plashes to lip gloss; from massage oils to hot pink boy shorts. One word everyone seems to forget during the holiday is BUDGET.

This holiday season can be made easy for you by following some of these ideas to help you stretch that holiday budget to the last cent.

Look For Free: A lot of stores will normally have buy 3 get 2 free sales during the holidays. Trust me, I worked at 5 of them in one mall, they do. For example, Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and The Body shop offer a great sale where you can take home 5 products and only pay 30 dollars. Those can be 5 stocking stuffers at 6 dollars each.

Coupon Queen: Save those coupons. For 10 dollars at Bath & Body Works you can leave with two products just buy using the free product with purchase coupon. Buy a pretty gift bag for a dollar and you have a nice beauty gift for someone. Victoria’s Secret often sends out email coupons (some of them are for free panties).

Bundle Shop: Purchase makeup products like lip gloss when they are 5 for $10 dollars. (Most likely at BBW and VS) Do the same with 7 for $25 dollars on underwear for your partner at Victoria’s Secret or American Eagle Outfitters.

Handmade: Purchase a case of mini glass jars and make facemasks out of oatmeal or avocado or coconut oil. You can also make bath salts. Total cost for mask mixture is $4 dollars and you can get at least 6-8 mini jars full. Put a nice ribbon around it. The mini glass jars cost $12-$15 dollars at Wal-Mart for a case of 12.

Mini-Size It: Not every gift has to be big. Great beauty can come in small packages. Wait for the last week before X-mas to go out and buy the little gifts. Instead of spending $70 to $80 dollars on a Chanel perfume, try purchasing the travel size. You save money and it fits perfectly for day five in their advent calendar.

Hearty Gift: Beauty holiday gifts do not just have to be makeup, perfume, or hair related. Give the gift of selflessness. Plus it will cost you nothing. Make personal cards with personalized coupons. For example, you can give them a foot massage, you can clean their makeup brushes, apply a face mask, comb their hair, paint their nails, etc. Let your imagination roam free. Just think of what the person likes and try to make a coupon for it that you yourself can accomplish for them. Now that is what I call…gifting on a budget.

Split It: You can always save money on buying your sister her new MAC eye shadow collection that costs $65 dollars by splitting the cost with a sibling or parent.

Gifting on a budget during the holidays can be hassle-free. Just follow these simple ideas to get the perfect beauty gift at the perfect price.

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