How To Buy The Best High-End Dupes


When we think of generic brands, most of us think “No way!, That fake watch or Cubic Zirconia ring is no substitute for the real thing”. The same can be said for makeup products; or can it? What if you could buy high-end dupes of your favorite lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow or nail polish without having to pay an excessive price?

Take for example the Lancôme Hypnose Mascara and the Maybelline: The Falsies Mascara. Now the first will run you close to $30 dollars while the latter will cost you less than $10. The choice seems obvious. Right? But let’s take a closer look. Maybelline’s dupe contains an ingredient which makes the mascara waterproof whereas the Lancôme one does not. However, the mascara from Maybelline tends to thicken and coagulate to the point that it’s difficult to apply. The Lancôme brand is easier to apply because it isn’t as thick. Despite Maybelline’s application shortcomings, both products will likely provide you with the same result. I don’t think this is one of those “must-have” products where you can really tell a difference. But Lancôme’s products are known for being great for people with sensitive skin.

When it comes to eye shadows, you can look at the NARS “Galapagos” eyeshadow as an example and compare it to its almost exact dupe, NYX “Golden Amber”. And NYX, we love you, no doubt about it, but you know you won’t last on my lids for over 3 hours. Admit it. NYX has really great dupes for NARS seemingly overpriced products, if you’re looking to save big bucks.

Now the dupe for Galapagos has mineral oil as one of its ingredients, which might explain why a lot of customers claim that they’ve had to apply it over and over again to get the desired color. Unlike NYX‘s which is thinner, the NARS Galapagos eye shadow is far more pigmented. That means you’ll put it on, it’ll stay on and the color on your lids will be faithful to the color you see on the product.  It also appears to stay on far longer than its counterpart. It does however contain ingredients which have been known to be harmful like aluminum powder.

Now when it comes to lipstick, the choice is easy. You’d go for the brand that’s widely used in the fashion industry. I’m talking about the same brand applied to models on the popular reality model competition, “America’s Next Top Model”. That’s right. I’m talking about CoverGirl. Its competition, Clinique Almost Lipstick is certainly no competition. Or is it? Both brands contain the same ingredients but the CoverGirl lipstick contains alcohol which can end up drying and chapping your lips. Continuing with the cons, consumers claim that the CoverGirl line reeks of chemical. And how about its counterpart, Clinique? The line has a fuller, more natural color than the “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl” lipstick line.

If you’re looking for an eyeliner pen then look no further than the Lancôme Artliner Liquid Pen. That is if you’re willing to pay for its performance. If not, you’ve got a really good dupe for it, the L’Oreal Lineur Intense pen. The ingredients are comparable. With two or three shakes, the liner can be applied over the area. Naturally, Lancôme being the more expensive brand is easily applicable compared to the L’Oreal eyeliner. However that’s not a significant drawback when you consider that they both offer the same results, but the main difference is Lancôme’s eyeliner will set you back $30 dollars.

The truth is that when it comes to beauty products, the main difference is packaging, performance, ingredients and how long it will last and how faithful will the color payout be. “If I go to that wedding, will it come off? If I go for a jog, will it rub off on my lids?”. You can wear on a cheap brand at a fraction of the cost and no one will be any wiser as to what product line you truly have on. But if you have a really high class event, prom or a wedding, you better start saving for those products that’ll seriously do what every product promises to do!

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