How To Make A Dull Outfit Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Neobicne-Vencanice-dress-colorful-amazingSo you are going out with your friends but do not have anything nice to wear. Sound like a personal problem to me. No worries. I am here to help. By following any of the simple tips below you are sure to turn any dull outfit, like the one you have on now, into one that shines.

Here are five sure ways, plus an extra one, to making any outfit shine bright like a diamond.

1. Basic To Fantastic – A basic black t-shirt and basic pair of jeans can be easily turned into a sexy grunge look everyone will talk about but in a good way. Get some sandpaper and distress the jeans to give them a grunge look. Use a razor to cut a hole by the knee part of the jeans. (Do not do the razor part with them on please.) Use scissors to cut shreds in your shirt but not all the way to the seam. Wear a colorful bra underneath. Finish the look off with some ankle boots or leather boots.

2. MAM It – This means mix and match two of your favorite pieces together. Look at yourself in the mirror. If you do not go blind from how hideous the outfit is then wear it. Mix that jean skirt with a knitted sweater. Nothing dull about having a unique style. Just do not mix leather and suede. Leave any velvet material out of the MAM equation.

3.Maxi To Shorty – What’s the problem? Oh, you love the maxi dress print, and it does not fit anymore but you want to show off your legs? Synch in the waist with a thin shiny belt. What do you do about the length? CUT IT! Not while it is on, of course. Put it on the bed and cut it about half way. Put it back on. Sexy, right? No one would even know it was a maxi dress.


4.Rainbow Couture – Take that simple white dress to another level. All you need to do is tape a semi-thin line down the dress equally in seven sections. Now get some fabric paint and start left to right. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet should be the order you paint in. Let it dry for 25 minutes. Now hang it outside and give it a quick wash with the hose. The color will not come off completely. Once dried, remove the tape and voila! You will be left with a nice pastel rainbow dress.

5. Heel Of A Look – Take that drab dress to the next 6 inches by pairing it with some ‘bitching’ heels. High heels with a metallic embellishment always make any dull outfit shine. If they don’t like it then just kick them with your new high heels. I do not condone violence, unless the attack was against a fierce outfit.

Extra Help: Granny Equals No Momma – If an outfit makes you look too dull and old then do what I do…THROW IT OUT!

As you can read from above, any outfit can shine. Well, except for the Granny Equals No Momma one.  So the next time you decide to go out with your friends and find that nothing in your closet shines, remember one thing…any dull outfit can be full of shine.

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