How To Survive High Heel Shoes: Your Feet Will Thank You

High heels are the ultimate “form over function” when it comes to fashion. They are not super comfortable, they hurt, they make your feet suffer… But they make you look so good. In a recent survey, almost half of women said that they would wear a shoe if it looked good, even if it was painful. And three quarters admitted they already have a foot issue caused by shoes. The good news is that you can still wear your heels without killing your feet. You just have to follow a few tips.


Pick the right height

Especially if you are not used to the height, don’t wear stilettos all day every day. Start off with some kittens or lower heels, especially if you are going to be running around in them for work. But even for statement pumps for a fun night out, try to pick ones with a more gradual slope instead of an almost vertical drop. A good test to know if your heels are too tall for you is to put them on (without fastening any straps they might have), stand up straight with your legs together and knees straight. Now, try to lift yourself up, out of the heels. If you can, then the height and the slope are perfect for you. If you can’t, then you probably need a lower heel.

Shape and fit are everything

The first thing you need to do is make sure your shoes actually fit you properly. This means going out and trying them on at a store or, if buying online, making sure you are familiar with the return policies. Try to get shoes with a narrow heel to prevent sliding. If you foot slides forward, then you put extra pressure on your toes, which leads to pain. If you are having trouble with calluses or corns, opt for peep toe or open toe heels, in order to relieve pressure in the affected areas. And get your calluses and corns removed, you will feel better. Another part of the shoe you should pay attention to is the actual shape of the heel. Wider heels will provide more support and stability, because they distribute the weight more evenly.

Pamper your feet

Take care of your pretty feet as a thank you for their sacrifice. When you get home, get your shoes off and lift your feet up to ease the swelling. If you are really aching, you can prepare a foot wash to soak your feet for 15 minutes. Make sure you use warm water and try to include Epsom salt and peppermint oil to invigorate your tired, pained feet. If you suffer from cramps or muscle pain, stand or sit comfortably, get a hard, small ball like a golf ball and roll it with your foot, focusing on the arch, your feet will thank you.

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