Kids Poster Vacation Planning Method

family beachEver feel like you are hanging on to all those magazines ordered from school fund-raisers and they are just taking up space? Keep them zipped up in a clear plastic bag from a bedding or comforter set just to keep them organized in one place.

Here’s an idea to use those magazines when the timing is just right:

Fun family discussions often include ideas and wish lists for family vacations. Extending the fun using collage posters for all age groups helps kids develop vacation ideas using cut up old magazines and markers.

1) Adults can set the guidelines of affordable choices for the next vacation and suggest ideas.

2) Have a family time when everyone can talk about ideas that fit in the established guidelines: cost, time of year and length of stay.

3) Use large cardboard sheets for a poster backing, a selection of travel, vacation and sports magazines, scissors, glue sticks and markers for creative posters.

4) Kids can work together or separately while creating collage idea boards to show the family.

5) Clean-up is an important part of the project.

6) Set up a family night when everyone is ready with their posters.

7) Have a special meal but do not talk about the vacation posters, maybe have a guessing game instead.

8) Have everyone gather after dinner for a meeting, allow each child to display their posters and point out details in their collage and describe why each vacation activity would be enjoyable to them.

9) Parents begin a discussion of all the ideas and begin to narrow down some activities that relate well together. Be sure something from everyone’s poster is acknowledged in the vacation plan.

10) Help the kids mount their posters on cork boards or on their walls to remind them of their coming vacation.

This exercise is a wonderful way to introduce team work and brainstorming techniques to your family. Be sure everyone is sensitive to each other’s preferences and help the younger ones fully express their ideas to build confidence. Traditionally, parents have final say and decision making, this helps all family members feel secure and confident that parents respect and enjoy their children’s ideas while holding their safety and comfort as top priorities when planning fun events.

~Deborah-Lynn S.

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