Kitchen Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

Cooking can be a great way to eat healthy and save money. If only it didn’t take so much time to make a decent meal, it would be perfect. Lucky for you, because these are some fantastic hacks to save time and money in the kitchen.

1. Store your bananas separately – If you buy bananas by the bunch but don’t eat them all in one day, start storing them separately to make them last longer. Wrap each banana in cling wrap if you want them to keep fresh for as long as possible and wrap them in newspapers if you need them to ripen fast.


2. Peel garlic in seconds – It is a scientific fact that garlic makes every meal better. It is also a scientific fact that peeling garlic is a drag, it takes forever and it makes your fingers smell. Unless you use this trick. Take two bowls of the same size. Grab as many garlic cloves as you need for your recipe, toss them inside one of the bowls and cover with the other. Now shake it as hard as you can for a few seconds. The cloves will be magically peeled.

3. Peel potatoes like a pro – Peeling potatoes takes valuable time out of your day, it’s horribly boring and it actually makes you waste a good part of perfectly edible potato. You could do what I do and just leave the skin, or you can do as chefs do to peel potatoes fast. After boiling the potatoes, quickly submerge them under ice water for a little bit. You will be able to simply pick the skin off with your fingers.

4. Microwave your pasta in a donut shape – The microwave is one of those modern miracles that we take for granted, but it’s far from perfect. If you don’t want your next reheated pasta plate to have an ice-cold center and boiling hot edges, redistribute it in the shape of a doughnut before nuking it. The hole in the middle will give your dish more surface area and allow it to heat more evenly.

5. Check if your eggs are fresh – If you have some eggs in the door of your fridge and you don’t know how fresh they are, there’s a simple test you can do. Get a (preferrably clear) class and fill it with water. Now carefully submerge the egg and let go. If it stays at the bottom, it is really fresh. If it floats right to the top, it has gone bad and you should toss it away. Generally speaking, the closer the egg is to the bottom, the fresher it is. This little trick will save you from tossing away perfectly good eggs and wasting money.

6. Peel ginger without wasting any – Ginger is one of the most expensve spices there are, but it is incredibly tasty and has more health benefits than you can count. To peel it without wasting any product, use a spoon instead of a knife. The skin will easily peel off, as it is not really hard.

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