The Male Equivalent Of Hooters Is Finally Here

Entire dissertations can be written about “breastaurants” like Hooters or Twin Peaks and whether they are acceptable, degrading, empowering, sexist, tacky or inappropriate. But that’s not what we are going to address here. We are going to talk about how unfair it is that there isn’t an equivalent for dude-loving people. Or there wasn’t until now.

That’s right, lucky patrons in Dallas, TX will soon be able to enjoy cheap beer and delicious fried food with a side dish of sexy. Tallywackers is the long-overdue male equivalent of Hooters and they are opening their first location in Dallas’ “gayborhood”, Oak Lawn. And they are currently hiring! Of course their hiring criteria seems closer to “underwear model” than “waiter”, but that’s the whole point of the venue, isn’t it.


In their Facebook page, Tallywackers promises “bar, restaurant, entertainment”. And by the looks of it, it will be of the non-scripted kind. Once the restaurant opens, you can expect a shirtless, buff dude to bring you your mozzarella sticks while you watch the rest of the all-male staff walk around in their underwear, which sounds pretty entertaining to us.

The owner, Rodney Duke, said in an interview that he worked really hard (heh) to hire a wide range of attractive guys. “Everyone has a different type”, he wisely stated. “We want to have eye candy for everyone”. What a considerate dude. He’s the hero we need, pioneering the road for everyone who ever wished to be served comfort food by a hot guy in tight briefs.

But of course, he promised to treat his staff with nothing but the respect they deserve “There’s not going to be any groping going on”, he warned while shattering all hopes of a mid-lunch striptease. “We are going to be a respectable restaurant”. And with a name as subtle as “Tallywackers”, we can’t expect anything but the utmost class. Or at least, the same class of a place named “Hooters”.

That’s not to say it won’t be well-received. The place is not open yet and their Facebook page already has 20,000 fans and positive reviews from guys and girls openly excited about the restaurant. “A+ for being inclusive and building it in the gayborhood” posted one happy reviewer.

According to the owner, he had been mulling over the idea of the restaurant for over a decade before taking the plunge. “It’s funny that everyone has asked themselves the same question over time when visiting these venues more related with female eye candy”, said Duke in an interview. “Why isn’t there a male equivalent?”. And now, after 23 years of asking the same question, we finally have a satisfying answer: there is one. And it’s in Dallas.

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