How To Stay Awake After You Pull An All-Nighter

Sometimes you have to stay up all night to work or study, but you are still required to function like a human being the next day. And as you’ve probably discovered, coffee will only take you so far before you crash again and fall asleep while waiting in line at the bank. Here is how to stay awake after you pull an all-nighter.


Look at the bright side

If it’s a sunny day, go outside and walk in the sunlight for a bit. Vitamin D will increase your energy and your body knows that “light” means “activity”. When you expose yourself to sunlight, it will be easier to stay alert and active. If you can’t go out, turn on all the lights around you, even the ones you are not using. It’s not the same, but it will help you out.

Water is your friend

Sometimes when we are drowsy, dehydration is the reason behind our low levels of energy. If you are drinking too much coffee to stay awake the effect will be worse, since coffee is a known diuretic and it will make you lose water. Your best bet is to keep a bottle of water right next to your cup of coffee and drink regularly throughout the day. If you are sitting in front of a computer for hours and suffering from eye fatigue, going to the bathroom and splashing cold water on your face can help your eyes feel better.

Keep moving

You know what’s great for sleeping? Sitting or laying down without moving for a while. If you can, take a break every hour or so to do some light exercise like pushups or jumping jacks. If you can’t do that, move in different ways. Stretch your arms and legs when nobody is watching, wiggle your feet, bounce your leg up and down, get up and walk or anything else you can think of.

Lay down on the caffeine

A cup of coffee or two can help you overcome drowsiness in the short term, but if you overdo it you might suffer from the dreaded caffeine crash later down the line. This goes double for energy drinks. Instead, try to chew peppermint gum that will keep you awake because of its stimulating smell. Another good substitute is to put ice cubes on your mouth.

Keep it cool

Open windows, turn on a fan or lower the thermostat. Cool air will help you stay alert, while hot and stuffy air will contribute to mental fatigue and make you feel sleepier still. If you are at home, hop into the bathroom and have a cold shower. Guaranteed to wake you up.

Be smart about food

Avoid big heavy meals that will make you drowsy. Have a salad for lunch and follow it with plenty of water too. If you get hungry throughout the day, steer clear of sugary snacks that will make you crash an hour later. Opt for high-protein foods like almonds and nuts.

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