5 Coupons I Use Most & Their Savings

1. Ulta Coupon

I print this one off any time I need something at Ulta.

*Savings Secret: Even though things can be slightly more expensive, with $3.50 OFF $10 or 20% of one item, you are still paying less than you would somewhere else.


2. World Market’s Explorer Rewards Program

Sign up for World Market’s Explorer Rewards Program… They give out great deals and coupons, including a common 10% OFF.

*Savings Secret: Great for buying birthday gifts or something unique for the kitchen. Easy to stop on the way to a party, since they have great gift wrap solutions and also sell interesting snacks, wine and beer!


3. Bed Bath & Beyond Direct Mail

Bed Bath & Beyond – similar to the Ulta coupons, slightly higher priced items, but with the 20% off one item coupons I receive in the mail, I’ve gotten some great towels and glassware for a great price!

*Savings Secret: They expire quickly, but they will honor them any time, so hang onto them! They come in the form of an over-sized post card, so they can be unwieldy. I keep mine (all of them) in the passenger-side door pocket of my Civic. I sometimes bring more than one in and ask if they will use both… and they usually do.

4. VistaPrint Freebies & Discounts

VistaPrint is a great way to print cheap business cards and other stuff. Don’t expect a high-quality spot-on job, but a consistent decent product.

*Savings Secret: Sign up with a new email address each time you use it and they will give you free boxes of business cards and more. After you go through the design and order process they try to stick it to you on the shipping. But it’s still not much to pay for the product. I’ve gotten 250 custom cards for less than $10! I choose the slowest (and cheapest) shipping (30 days or something outrageous like that…)  but it has always come much earlier (a week or two). But be forewarned: If you need them quicker, you will pay $20 or more for shipping.

5. Yogurt Mountain YoMobile Rewards

My new favorite – Yogurt Mountain! Text YOMO to 81018 and receive REWARDS!

* Savings Secret: You won’t find these text rewards listed anywhere online, but look around when you are in your favorite stores and restaurants, they may have it posted by the register or in the fitting room.

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