There’s a Big Wave of Plus-Sized Models And These Are The Best

Models are known to be tall, skinny waifs and they have been getting smaller and smaller. If you open up any magazine, particularly high-fashion magazines, you will not find a normal curvy woman in any of those pages. Unless is an ad. There has been a lot of scrutiny surrounding how little these models are eating and how much they are exercising in contrast. Many have fainted and died in the middle of a runway show. Laws have been pushed so that models have to have a certain amount of fat in their bodies in order not to be considered underweight.

But the truth is, that is not the only thing we need in order for people to be exposed to variety. We need to see more bodies in magazines, ads, TV shows and runways. And these lovely ladies were hand picked to represent a different kind of body. One that we’re not used to seeing. Normal, average, slightly overweight and overweight. All bodies are beautiful, and these girls’ body of work speaks for themselves.

ANTM’S Whitney Thompson. We’ve all seen her. She won the tenth series of America’s Next Top Model and this girl has not stopped working! And good for her. She was extremely driven and she had tons of experience as a model. Some claim she’s just a commercial model but baby, that’s where the money is! Whitney has worked with Cover Girl, Forever 21, Fashion Bug, Converse, JC Penney, Panache and many more! Goes to show that models don’t always need to lose weight when their managers tell them ‘there’s no market for you.’ Oh yes there is. Just ask the next superwoman.



Robyn Lawley. If you haven’t heard about this girl ,then you probably live under a rock. This superwoman is dubbed ‘Plus sized’ but to the whole world she looks like a normal foxy girl. Many have been outraged because the girl lacks the pounds to be considered ‘plus’, but it’s undeniable …the girl can model!



Tess Munster. Fair skin, cateyes, big pouty lips. Tess looks like any other beauty gracing the covers of Vogue Italia or Glamour Magazine. But Tess’s face is not what made her famous but her ultra plus-sized body. To which she refers to as ‘fat.’ We love this girl’s honesty and confidence. Bigger ladies are now being represented by a lovely woman who is not afraid to take on the world.  With 508 K followers on Instagram, she states ‘‘We represent the average sized American woman – we are beautiful, bold and more.’


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