These Fitness Tips Will Help You Stick To Your Workout

We are halfway through the year and the enthusiasm for New Year’s Resolutions is long gone. You still want to stick to your workout routine and reach your fitness goals, but it’s so difficult to stay motivated. Here’s how to be genuinely psyched about going to the gym and following your routine.

Throw out the scale

At the very least, stop weighing yourself every day. It’s fine if you need to lose weight, but understand that it’s not a linear process. You will probably lose a lot of weight at first and continue to shed pounds slowly after that. You might fluctuate a bit too and it can be discouraging to see the number on the scale doesn’t line up with your expectations, even when you know it’s normal. Besides, your total weight shouldn’t matter nearly as much as the ratio of muscle to fat in your body.


Lay down on the cardio

Less is more, even when it comes to exercise. You just need to be smarter about your workout. Long sessions of low-intensity cardio are not as effective as you think and they may even be counterproductive in the long run. Switch them for short bursts of really intense exercise to burn fat quickly and efficiently. Thirty minutes of high-intensity training will be a lot more effective than an hour of steady-state cardio. It will also make your workout sessions more tolerable, who doesn’t get bored after an hour of jogging on the treadmill?

Choose something you like

Exercising only to change your body will become tedious and boring five minutes after you start. It comes with a whole lot of expectations and rules and it will just make you miserable in the end. If your only fitness goal is to fit into a certain dress size, you will probably give up pretty soon. Exercise can make you feel mentally stimulated, emotionally healthier and in a better mood throughout the day. It will also help you sleep better and feel energized. Getting in shape is not all about “looking better” on the outside, the best part is the changes in your lifestyle. This is why you should choose an exercise or a workout style that you enjoy and stop worrying about which one is better to reduce your waist size faster.

Be kind to yourself

Believe it or not, our bodies can usually take more than we give them credit for. You can push through that last mile or that last rep. Our self-image, however, needs love. Don’t push yourself thinking “you have to be thinner” do it while thinking “you are strong enough to do it”. Exercise out of love, not hate, for your body. Take a look at your goals and make sure they are realistic and attainable. Maybe break them down into smaller benchmarks you can realistically reach in two weeks. It will make you feel great to cross off that item in your list, and it will keep you motivated to continue.

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