This Is Why You Should Drink More Wine

Wine is delicious and it goes great with cheese. And with almost any kind of food, really. And there are so many varieties that it’s almost a guarantee that you will like at least one of them. Wine is a great social lubricant and it is perfect to get to know a first date. Or a third one. A glass of wine after you get home is the perfect way to relax at the end of the day. There really are no shortage of reasons to enjoy wine. But just in case you were looking for even more good reasons to drink your grown-up grape juice every night, here are some of its amazing benefits.


1. Healthy heart

There are multiple studies that conclude that moderate red wine drinkers have healthier hearts than non-drinkers. A glass of red wine a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and stroke. Some reports even point out that wine drinkers might be at a lower risk of contracting certain forms of cancer. The reason for these benefits may be that wine dilates arteries and improves blood flow, which reduces the risk associated with blood clots. Red wine might also boost the levels of “good” cholesterol, which keeps “bad” cholesterol in shape and prevents damage to the arteries.

2. Healthy bones

Wine is not only good for your heart. It is also good for your bones. Some studies suggest that people who drink red wine in moderation are at a lower risk of osteoporosis. In particular, women who drink one to three glasses of wine a day have greater bone mineral density, which is how doctors measure bone strength. This means that they are not as susceptible to calcium loss and weakening of the bones.

3. Healthy body

Another encouraging series of studies report that wine might even shield moderate drinkers from several types of cancer. Phenolic compounds present in wine were shown to slow down growth of breast cancer cells and prostate cancer cells, so both ladies and gentlemen can benefit from a glass of wine or two. Wine is also known for containing several different antioxidants like resveratrol. That particular compound has been shown to prevent carcinogenic cell growth. It will prevent liver cancer and oral cancer in both men and women. While this is observed in all kinds of wine, red wine has been shown to be more effective than white wine, so bottoms up. It is important to point out that these benefits have only been shown to occur when drinking one to three glasses of wine a day. Heavy drinkers actually were shown to be in worse condition than non drinkers in all of these metrics. So one glass of wine after dinner is great, but drinking an entire box will actually harm you. Imagine that.

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