Travel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Vacation time! If you are planning your next trip, the last thing you need is buy more things to fill up your suitcase and make packing more of a nightmare. Unless those things are these insanely useful accessories that will make this and all your travels easier and more convenient.


The $5 SIM card

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you know phone roaming is insanely expensive. Just popping in to check your Facebook notifications can throw your budget off balance, and chatting with your friends back home is out of the question unless you get Wi-Fi. This card will change that. It’s called ChatSim, it costs $5 and it works on any unlocked phone. For a subscription of $10 a year, you can send unlimited text (and emojis, this is important) messages in over 150 countries. The texts work for any IM app, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE and Viber. If you want to send pictures, videos or voice, you can pay an additional fee.

The Noise-Cancelling Earplugs

These are a bit on the expensive side ($150), but you’ll be grateful to have them next time you are sitting next to a crying baby on a plane. They are called Hush and they are marketed as smart plugs that will make sleeping while on the road more relaxing than ever. These small plugs sit in your ear, cancelling outside noise and helping you sleep with the soothing sounds of rainfall and ocean waves.  They have a notification filter and can ping you for important things while ignoring the rest and you can program them to wake you up without startling your hostel roommates.

The Compression sack with compartments

If you are working with very limited space in your bag or suitcase, compression bags are a godsend. If you are tired and just want to get your pajamas on to throw yourself in bed, compression bags are a chaotic mess from hell that make it impossible to find your stuff. Enter the Hoboroll $40 compression sack with compartments. It is divided into five sections (plus pockets), so you can save all that space while still knowing where everything is at all times.

The iPhone Lens and Case

 We all want to take stunning travel pictures to beautify our Instagram accounts, but not all of us can afford to carry around a big, expensive camera. Moment Lenses are an attachment for your iPhone that will give you almost DSLR-grade pictures. For $100 you will get a tele lens or a wide lens by simply changing your iPhone’s angle of view. They also offer a specially made iPhone case to hold their lenses and to make it easier for you to take pictures. It goes for $69, but it gives you extra grip for quick and stable pictures.

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