Unbelievable Beauty Gifts For Under $5 Dollars (Yeah, Seriously!)



The holidays are just around the corner. By this point they are practically knocking on your front door. Do you have gifts for everyone? Or the better question is…can you afford to get everyone gifts with your budget? If the answer is yes then good for you. If the answer is no, then do not worry because I have some cheap beauty gift ideas for you. The best part of these beauty gift ideas is that they are $5 dollars or less. They are perfect gifts for any type of budget. So finish wrapping up your Prada bag, and CHI hair curler, and let us get shopping for those cheap last minute beauty gifts.

Essence Gel Eye Pencil is only $2.99 and it is waterproof. It is a great beauty gift idea for the family member who cries a lot. It is known to cling forever to the eyelid, unlike the tacky x-mas gift.

Conditioner that works wonders on your hair that costs only $2.99 is not real. Or is it? Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner is a must have gift idea for the curly Sue of your friends.

Give someone the rosy cheek treatment for the holidays. No spanking needed, unless you like that. Rimmel London Stay Bushed Liquid Cheek Tint is only $3.29.

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets are great to gift because you get 50 sheets for $4.99. Plus they do not remove your makeup. So feel free to remove excess oil.

Face masks are great stocking stuffers. You can get Nügg face masks for $2.99. There are four types. For less than $15 dollars you can get 4 people a thoughtful beauty gift to use during a spa night.

Looking good for your holiday photos is a must. Put Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo in the girl’s stockings so they can use that first on their bed hair to give their hairdo another go. Plus it only is $3.75.

Sinfulcolors Nail polish is only $1.99. Get five different polish colors, to use for a spa night. The nail polish is also chip-free for up to ten days. My favorite color is Gogo Girl (deep crimson red).

Dry hands are the worst during the winter season. EOS Everyday Hand Lotions are great for everyone. They are worth $1.99 and come in a cool refreshing cucumber scent.

People cough and sometimes spread germs during the holidays. The beauty product you must purchase for all are mini-hand sanitizers. They are worth 5 for $5 at Bath and Body Works.

These gifts will make any beauty product lover very happy during the holidays. It will also make you very happy because of how cheap they are. Get the stockings hung and the holiday shopping completed with less than $30 dollars to gift up to ten people.

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