Where The Wild Deals Are…Monster Fashion Deals

fashion-sales-deals-bags-shoppingUnlike the kid from the book, Where The Wild Things Are, you are not going to actually find monsters. You are actually going to find deals that will make you scream as if you just saw a creepy monster. Get your purse, your money, your credit cards, and your husband’s credit cards. It is time to shop until we drop. Amazing deals can be found almost anywhere. You have to hunt them down. The great thing is that I did all the hunting for you. All you have to do now is spend.

Here are some places where the wild deals are…monster fashion deals that make you scream.

  • Outlet Malls – Forget about going to regular malls to buy clothes. Head on over to outlet malls. You will find name brand items at up to 60% off. You can head on over to the real mall looking fly and fresh with your new look.
  • Trendy Deals – Hit up H&M. They always have deals. Now that the winter season is almost ending they are sure to have seasonal sales coming soon so keep a credit card out for that.
  • Quick Monster Deals – Sometimes shopping online can save you so much money and stress. March Madness is a shopper’s dream. Online stores go crazy with their deals online every day.  Some stores that have great online sales: 10dollarmall.com, moddeals.com, forever21.com, debshops.com, rue21.com, topshop.com, asos.com, amazon.com, rue21.com, and fashiondeal.com.
  • EBAY IT – Daily deals are a rage over at ebay.com. You can save up to 90% on fashion apparel some days. Type in this link, http://deals.ebay.com/fashion-deals, and you will find monster deals that will shock and scare you into buying them.
  • GoJane.com – Great place to purchase accessories, sunglasses and name brand knockoff shoes. For $30 bucks you can get these Calvin Klein knockoffs.  They are called Walk the Walk Faux Leather Booties.


  • Your Phone – There are fashion apps that you can download for free on your phone. They will alert you with monster deals daily. Some even tell you every ten minutes. Here are some of the apps: PriceGrabber, DealPlus, and Dealnews.
  • FashionClyp – This will tell you the location and at-the-minute deals of your favorite stores. Plus you are able to use coupons right from your phone.
  • Snapette – Fashion-istas take photos of fashionable thing they want. Snapette users get access to exclusive sales from partnering brands including Vince Camuto, Gypsy Warrior, Lanvin, Givenchy and others.
  • FashionJunkee.com – great place to find imitation purses. You can get a Marc Jacobs knockoff bag for $46 dollars. MINE!

Go on out and find some monster fashion deals of your own. Follow my advice…if you want to save money. Follow my advice…if you want to be street smarts. Follow my advice…because I told you to. I’m just kidding. Save lots of money and time by using these great places. Who knows you might find something wild for a great price.

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